Greece - Chapter 5, Kyllini

Following this emotion filled few days on the island, it was now time to head back. Once again I boarded the ferry, a rather uneventful crossing followed. Deciding that I wasn't going to go anywhere at 9 in the evening, I parked in the port and went to sleep. 

For reasons i still don't fully understand, i stayed there the following day, and the day after that. It was nice, peaceful, i liked it. Kyllini is a very small town, you've gone around it in about 5 minutes, so once again, I did nothing for a few days, and just enjoyed the weather.

At least I enjoyed until I decided to wash my laundry. So far i had always found somewhere to wash it. This time however, the closest spot was around 80 km away. Thus, I put my laundry in plastic bags, filled them partly with water and washing liquid, closed the bag a flipped it around every half hour or so. And then it started to rain, for two days straight.

By that time I had gotten bored of the small town, and decided it was time to leave. My next stop was to be Sparta.

Nemo Faucher