Greece - Chapter 2, Olympia

Olympia, a mythical city in history, and birthplace of the Olympic games. Such a résumé is rarely matched, and rarely is it this misleading.

I arrived late at night and decided to sleep next to a park (where i stayed for the duration of my stay). It was as I walked around the city the next morning that i realised that this wasn't at all what i was expecting. It turns out that modern Olympia is a tourist trap, with shops selling everything from mugs to "your name in Greek" hoodies. It's also very small, in my mind i pictured a grand city, filled with people. Not really, you've easily seen everything in half a day.


Peaceful days

I know the picture i paint of it is not very flattering however i do want to stress that it isn't disappointing. The small streets have their charm, and the weather helped, it rained at night, but was warm and sunny during the day. This meant that it was nice and cool. On top of that i was next to a very luxurious park and for the first time i did something i yet had not. Nothing. I did nothing. I stayed in my van or at the local pizzeria and read books, talked with people, played the guitar and sat for hours on end, gathering in all that which my senses could collect. It was peaceful.  

3, maybe 4 days after my arrival I met a group of American tourists. I say "met" but in truth they were the ones who came to see me. My van had intrigued them quite a bit and apparently they'd been sitting in their car and talking about it for a good half hour before they came to see me. The usual, but nonetheless enjoyable conversation about past and current travels ensued. They had recently been to the island of Zakynthos and apparently it was worth the 30 euro for the ferry.

And so, the next morning, i was on my way to Zakynthos.

Nemo Faucher