Greece - Prologue

And so began the second part of this adventure. I say second part because so far, more has happened in Greece than over the previous weeks. Both good and bad. 

I awoke the next morning relaxed and feeling surprisingly calm. For some reason i thought it would be a good time to empty the van and clean it up. A short hour and a man wanting to buy my towel later, i was done. I decided to celebrate this feat by going to the station's restaurant to have myself some breakfast and to catch up on life (wifi). 

The man behind the counter was very friendly, and the oddity of the van combined with my license plate inevitably led to a conversation about my trip. He was very enthusiastic about it, he himself had done quite a fair share of travelling since he had a friend who worked on the Arab Emirates airline. To liven up his story, the walls were covered in postcards, some old and faded over time, others still fresh. He had either bought them himself on his travels or had received them from his friend. 

After a breakfast composed of the biggest sandwich i've ever eaten and a conversation with some of the locals (neither spoke each other's ;language and neither understood each other), i was ready to pay and leave. To my surprise that wasn't going to happen, the meal was on him. I tried to insist but quickly saw that this was a battle i was doomed to loose, and so, after a profusion of thanks i was once again on the road, ready to explore the land.

Nemo Faucher