2nd March - Butterflies and Dinosaurs

It’s a miracle what a good night’s sleep can do for you. I woke up this morning, rested and more importantly, warm. I had spent the night in a small hostel I’d found late the night before, so by the time I was up and ready, it was 12. My day wasn’t over though, I’m still going through with the plan I had made the day before, although I modified it somewhat. First thing I did, I went to see the butterfly house of Vienna.

 I’m still there as I write this, I’m sitting in a chair, surrounded by plants and trees. It’s very warm and humid inside, which mean that the smells is overwhelming. From my seat I can smell the flowers from across me, they smell very sweet, and remind me of herbal tea. I can smell the water cascading down the rocks, the soil and the trees. I like it a lot here. The view itself is impressive. It an old greenhouse where the walls are constructed of many small windows. I’m sure there’s a name for it, and also the architectural period for it, but I don’t know them. It’s very peaceful here, 2 hours have passed and I barely noticed but I think I’ll leave soon, it seems like rush hour is upon me.

My next and last visit today is the Museum of Natural History, I know that’s not the actual name, but that’s what’s in my head right now. Once I’ve done that I’ll start heading for Budapest. I was planning on staying here longer but it’s snowing so I want to head down south as fast as possible.

Nemo Faucher