4th March - Budapest

Budapest is a city that holds a particular place in my heart. Firstly, I've been there for two Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, both of which were very memorable (in a good way). I then returned 2 years ago with some friends. Secondly, i find this city to be particularly beautiful, and would dare say that at night it rivals, if not surpasses Paris, especially near the river banks. 


It's unsurprising then if i tell you that i spent most of my time walking around. I also met up with some friends I'd made during said MUNs. One of them (Lilla that's you) had become a tour guide since we'd last met so i got a short tour of Budapest followed by a typical Hungarian lunch (which was very very tasty).


I don't have much more to say about Budapest since this sums it up, expect maybe that i forgot to pay for my parking ticket...and got my wheel locked... 

Fortunately that was sorted very quickly and the gentlemen who came to remove the wheel lock were very understanding despite the communications problems.

The highlight however, has to be that i spotted what may be the only road worthy L300 in all eastern europe (apart from mine):


Nemo Faucher