Saturday 4th Feb - Why I'm still here and other stories

To those that know me I'm supposed to be long gone. At first i told them "September" then "Begining of December",. "After new year" and yet here we are, in February and I'm still here?    

What's taking me so long?

Well, there's a few things. Firstly, it's a mammoth job to plan such a trip, and I wish I'd known that before, I would've started planning much earlier. Finding a car was an adventure to itself, I looked for two months, covered over 1000 km but finally I found it, about 30 minutes away from my house. Once that was done, it had to be bought, and then insured, and registered, and sent to a mechanic to be thoroughly checked. at this point the Christmas holidays are over. 

In the meantime I had to find an insurance for me, get vaccinated, file countless pieces of paper for the driving license, international driving permit, Carnet de Passage* and visas. All the while i was buying equipment, waiting for it to get here, realising I was missing stuff and so on... But eventually I got there, everything was set and done.

And then I broke my gearbox.

Why? Cause I don't know how to drive. Apparently, you're not supposed to go over 30 km/h in 4 wheel-drive. Guess what I did.  


Gear teeth

If you find these in your gearbox, you probably need to change the way you drive.












*Carnet de passage - Legal document required by certain countries. Simply put, it states that you won't leave/sell your car in said country.



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