Tuesday 27th Feb - Departure, 1st stop and next destination

Finally, I left. It took a long time, but i got there.

It's strange, I expected to be scared, thrilled, or maybe thrilled when I drove off. In reality,however, nothing, it just seemed like i was going on another drive. Even 5 hours later, blasting down the highway to "The Dark Side of the Moon", I still didn't feel anything exceptional. It was on the intro notes of "Money" that i came to the conclusion that it was like the morning of your 18th birthday: you expect to feel something, but really it's just another sunny day. 

Nontheless, I had left, and was now on my way to my first stop: a friend's house in Hostivice, Czech Republic. The trip there was nothing interesting enough to write more than one paragraph about. It was 8 solid hours of highway (max speend in this thing....100km/h, if I'm feeling brave). 3 fuel stops later, it's 3 in the morning, but I've arrived at my destination.

Hostivice is a small town not far from Prague. It's nice. The architecture is composed of everything from communism to modern designs. It's all very spread out, which is nice since you get to see far around you.

So far I've gone for a few walks and relaxed but this afternoon we're going to go to Prague and do a tour.

My next stop is going to be Vienna, in Austria and i should leave in one or two days time.

Nemo Faucher