Friday 16th Feb - Gearbox updates

The news was bad. Very bad.

Before i get there, a bit of explaining of the 4wheel drive (4wd) system. In most 4wd vehicles the drivetrain is composed of three parts : The engine, the gearbox and the transfer case.


                                                                           A transfer case is used to send power to the front and rear wheels. Simply put the engine spins the gearbox, which spins the transfer case, and if 4wd is activated, it spins the front and rear wheels.


Ever wondered what was in a gearbox?

Well here you go...

Now back to the bad news. It turns out that the adapter piece which connects the gearbox to the transfer case does not fit the gearbox i bought. Well great....




It turns out that the mechanic that takes care of it is a genius. Or he's brave at the very least. he proposed to take the guts out from the old gearbox and replace the broken parts with those from the new one. Considering how complex a gearbox is, it's no mean task.

Old (right) and new (left)

Old (right) and new (left)

Hopefully it works, if it doesn't well.... back to the internet i'll go.

Nemo Faucher