Tuesday 13th Feb - McDonalds in Poznań

Good news! I may have found a gearbox for my car. Finally. Well, we'll know for sure in the morning. Long story short. I found the gearbox online ,it's in Poznan, roughly 3h and a half away from Warsaw, but hey, i like driving. I called the shop and asked if i could come see it. "Tak, tak oczywiście"("yes of course") says the man. By then its 10 past 2pm. 

17:45, i arrive at the shop. Yes, i got lost along the way, but i made it. 17:47, i ring the bell. 17:48, a man politely tells me that they closed early today and that i'll have to come back in the morning. I'd like to say i'm surprised, but i'm not, not really, It was going too well.

Anyways, seems like i'm spending the night here, in the city of Poznan since i don't fancy spending 3h and half driving home today and 7h driving tommorow.

What does McDonalds have to dd with all this? Nothing, but they have free wifi.

And curly fries.

Nemo Faucher